Thermodyne concentrates on delivering the best powder coating services available, period. Our crew knows what it takes to ensure your project is ready to stand up to years of use in the harsh Gulf Coast environment. Whether you need an unusual color match for a set of rims, 6,000 linear feet of hand railings or anything in between, Thermodyne has you covered!

About Thermodyne

Tough Coatings and Reliable Service

Thermodyne Powder Coating is the premiere provider of powder coating services in the Pensacola, Florida area. We give our customers the best of both worlds with a small-business, hands-on approach combined with professional, large-scale equipment to take on even the biggest powder coating requests. We built our reputation over many years by sticking to our commitment to provide top-quality, durable finishes with great customer service at a fair price.



I only need a few smaller items coated, can you help me?
Of course! Powder coating does great with small, intricate items. Give us a call and we’ll discuss working your project into our schedule.

I have a large number of items I need to coat. Can you handle large jobs?
Yes, we can! Our facility is large enough to handle oversize items such as staircases and other architectural and construction materials. Our custom-built oven is thirty feet long, with an opening that is eleven feet square.

How much does powder coating cost?
This is one of the most frequent questions we hear, and one of the hardest to answer. It’s like asking “how much does a house cost?” There are a lot of factors involved, including the condition and size of the item, the color and any special textures . . .