Services by Thermodyne Powder Coating

At Thermodyne Powder Coating, we Provide the Area’s Best Powder Coating Services.

What are Powder Coating Services?

At its simplest, powder coating is exactly what it sounds like: coating an object with a specially formulated powder that is then baked to create a strong and beautiful finish. To be a little more technical, the powders we use are composed of a resin mixed with a color, or pigment. This mixture melts at a precise temperature and then cures into a tough yet versatile coating.

Powder coated finishes are durable and protective. While they are not indestructible, powder coat finishes can be stronger, thicker and provide better coverage than most standard paints. Additionally, because they are baked on and cured in our oven, powder coated items don’t release chemical smells or vapors known as volatile organic compounds, or VOCs.

Powder coating is a great way to achieve consistent coverage on even the smallest items. The spray gun used to apply the powder creates an electrostatic charge, which causes the powder to adhere to grounded metal surfaces.

What Items Can Be Powder Coated?

In a nutshell, any item made of metal that can be grounded to attract the electrostatically charged powder and withstand temperatures in the 400-degree range will do well in the powder coating process. In general, plastics may not be powder coated as they will at least warp if not outright melt in the oven. While it is technically possible to powder coat some non-metallic materials such as wood or glass, this requires a very different set-up and specialized equipment.

Why are Powder Coating Services Better than Painting?

As we mentioned above, powder coat finishes can be stronger and longer lasting than most traditional paints. There are also several different formulations available to provide extra protection when needed from harsh UV rays, corrosion, chemicals and abrasives. With the huge range of colors, textures and gloss levels available from our vendors, Thermodyne can create almost any look you desire in the final product.

Powder Coating Services Protect Boat Fixtures and Marine Parts

Coastal regions, like ours on the Gulf of Mexico, are known for their abundant sunshine. However, the combination of saltwater, sun, and air create extremely harsh conditions for marine craft and structures. Thermodyne Powder Coating helps protect your boat or dock parts from corrosion while preserving their finished look. Our high-quality, marine-grade powder coating not only protects your valuable assets, it creates a defensive barrier that’s easier to maintain.

Our 30-foot-long oven has an eleven-by-eleven foot opening that allows us to handle large-scale projects. This large oven can accommodate most marine parts or boat fixtures, including:

  • Hand and bow rails
  • Cleats
  • Towers and boat tops
  • Chair mounts
  • Steering wheels
  • Light and navigation housing
  • Rod holders
  • Anchors
  • Radar arches
  • Doors and window frames
  • Panels
  • Exhaust risers

Pretreatment is Key to a Successful Powder Coating

We pay special attention to all projects that come into our shop, particularly marine products. In order to avoid any surprises in the finished coating, we hand inspect every inch of every item that comes through our doors. Next, we thoroughly clean and wash all items and use pre-treatment technologies to ensure they receive the marine-grade powder coating properly.

Available Color and Clearcoat Options

We have a vast number of colors in stock, and can order thousands more. Colors can be custom matched, but usually only in large quantities. If you have a larger job and require a custom match, please allow two-three weeks lead time.

Looking for clearcoat? We can do that, too! Our clear coating process helps protect your boat’s brass, copper, stainless or aluminum fixtures. Best of all, this tough protection lets the natural metallic color and sheen show through.

Powder coating your marine or boat products can extend their life in harsh coastal environments. If you’re interested in Thermodyne handling your powder coating project, give us a call at (850) 438-0876 or drop us a line here.